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Mayco’s Stoneware Specialty glazes were developed for special effects and surface depth.  Designed to perform in oxidation or reduction firing processes. (Make your own test).



Cone: 5 - 10

Image: Cone 6 (fired flat, in oxidation, on a white clay body)


Mudcrack was developed to create a highly-texture raised and cracked surface. The thicker the application, the more textured the surface. Mudcrack can be directly applied to bisqueware or in combination with other mid-range glazes. or shown results, apply directly to bisqueware. Heavy application may cause unfired glaze to release from bisqueware. If glaze is thick in the jar, vigorous stirring and shaking will increase fluidity. The amount of texture and cracking that is produced with these glazes is directly a result of how thick the glaze is applied. A thinner application will result in a smoother surface with very fine cracks. A thicker application will result in larger cracks and more tactile texture.


Dinnerware Safe: No





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    SW-404 - Black Mudcrack

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