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We are a small friendly studio building and growing a pottery community in Montreal's South Shore, in the heart of old La Prairie. Let us know if you would like to work with us. Select the options below that interest you and allow us to know more about you.

Studio Assistant

You love to learn and are good at keeping things tidy. Your interest in ceramics is a plus. Help us keep our Pottery Workshop dust free, organized and ready. Mix engobes, prepare glazes, recycle clay, load and unload the kiln, keep inventories up to date and be ready to help with other tasks related to the proper functioning of the studio.

Teaching Assistant

You like to organize small events and are good with people. You will ensure that our clients enjoy their experience in our ceramic studio. Learn the basic techniques to teach with us and help us organize each class, before, during and after the students leave. As the teacher walks past each student, you will be helping any student who needs extra attention. At the end of class, be sure to help students clean up, leaving all areas clean and tidy for the next group.


You know how to connect with people, you are a easygoing, creative and you love new challenges. You are capable of motivating people to get the best out of them. You will be responsible for your group, knowing each person's objectives and following their interests. Help us plan and run new courses and workshops. You are passionate about pottery and ideally have 3 or more years getting your hands dirty with clay and creating beautiful things!


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