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A Pottery Studio in La Prairie

It all started with a dream of having her own space to do what she loved and to be able to have a more flexible schedule to enjoy with her family.

Luisa (Luisa Maldonado Ceramics), the smile behind Tour Potier Studio Céramique believes that through art people can discover or reinvent who they are or want to become. Her studio is a warm and welcoming space that invites all art amateurs to try new pottery techniques while having the chance of meeting others with the same interest for pottery. This cozy studio opened its doors to the public on the 2nd of July and is now offering beginning ceramics classes to first-time potters who want to give it a try. Also, the studio offers memberships for those needing more space and time to work on their pieces.

Luisa was born in Colombia, and came to Canada 4 and a half years ago bringing with her over 12 years of experience learning different art techniques until deciding to deepen her knowledge in ceramics.

Since her arrival to Montreal in 2016, her free time was spent between her family and her passion in pottery until she decided to embark in this journey as a business owner.

She has specialized in hand building techniques and has developed a unique variety of vibrant color glazes that bring her creations to life. She believes there is still too much to be learned, and exploring different techniques keeps her energized; “I need to keep learning, developing more hand building techniques and sharing what I learn with the community that Tour Potier Studio Céramique will allow me to build".

Luisa had been practicing pottery in a studio located in Montreal but she wanted to be a member in a studio closer to where she lives in Brossard. As there are not many pottery studios offering studio time for interested ceramic amateurs in the South Shore, she decided to open her own studio in the heart of Old La Prairie, conveniently located in the South Shore and in a neighborhood full of history and beautiful streets, cafes and restaurants.

The studio is offering classes for adults and children, and the courses vary in a way that some course may only take a couple of hours in one day, and others 2 hours once a week during 4 or 6 weeks. There are options for everyone! The studio also offers memberships and kiln rental. Make it a trip just to see it, is worth it!

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