We are a great option in Montreal's South Shore to get your pottery pieces fired in our kiln! 


Please contact us before doing your payment.

Phone +1 (514) 660 6809


  • Full kiln rental is $65. (Non members)
  • Full kiln rental is $55. (Members)


  • Half Kiln is $40 (Non members)
  • Half Kiln is $35 (Members)


  • Price may increase depending on the amount of pieces needed to be loaded into the kiln.
  • Once the pieces have been fired, we will store your products for 5 working days.
  • Glazed pieces must be perfectly cleaned and you are responsible for the safety of the shelves in the kiln. Avoid runny glazes from running to the bottom of your pieces. Protect by using your own tiles for runny glazes or testings.
  • Maximum cone: Cone 6

Kiln Rental - Starting at $35

SKU: KR001
  • Full kiln: 40 pieces allowed.

    Half kiln: 20 pieces allowed.

    - Additional pieces (members):  Usually applies for a third firing for a single piece as members have 2 firings per piece included when buying the studio's clay.
    Pieces (9cms x 10cm or less in size) is: $3+ taxes.
    Pieces (9.1cms x 10cm or more in size) is: $0.06/cm + taxes.

    - Additional pieces (Non members)
    Pieces (9cms x 10cm or less in size) are: $3.5+ taxes.
    Pieces (9.1cms x 10cm or more in size) is: $0.08/cm + taxes.