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This is really fun and no experience is required! Plan a private event or a private workshop on the pottery wheel to learn and have a unique experience on your own or with friends or family. The pottery wheel is a whole new world to discover!


(Mandatory) Before paying, give us a call or send us a message and we will schedule with you, even if it is just a few hours from now. We will try to find a space for you as soon as possible! So get ready to do an amazing ceramic piece that you will be able to show everyone at home!


You can pay here to reserve and we will send you a new invoice to pay for the rest depending of your request.


Children and adults can have fun and no experience with pottery is required!


Adults or children ages 7+
1.5 hours / 


1  person = $225+taxes

2 people = $275+taxes
3 people = $300+taxes
4 people = $365+taxes (workshop will extend 30 minutes) Total 2h
5 people = $445+taxes / Total 2h

6 people = $525+taxes / Total 2h

* Everyone will be able to make 1 piece.
* All materials included.

* All trimming, glazing and firing processes are included each person's piece.

(Optional) Additional pieces if made may be bought from the studio.


Additional pieces:
1 Additional piece $20, and $10 for each piece after. (This covers trimming, glazing and/or firing processes).


Additional time: 

For $50, you may have an additional 30 minutes of studio time to share some food that you bring, have a drink or decorate the place to make it more special. Let us know.


** A 20% administration fee will be charged for rescheduling or changing a course within 1 week prior to the starting date.



Call us:  514 660 6809  - If you have bigger group, please give us a call and we will talk about your options.

Send us a message:

Atelier Privé Tournage - Private Workshop Wheel Throwing

  • This cost includes the trimming, studio glazes, engobes, and the cost of 2 firings (bisque and glaze).

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