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We all share the passion for pottery and the same goal of building community. 

Luisa Penilla

-- Luisa Maldonado | Ceramics --

Luisa has explored for over more than 12 years different artistic techniques and felt a unique connection with pottery 5 years ago. 

She specializes in handbuilding techniques and has developed a unique variety of vibrant color glazes and line styles that bring life to her creations.


She believes there is still too much to be learned, and exploring different techniques keeps her energized. 

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Julie Turbide

Julie discovered her artistic soul in Japan, 20 years ago, in a pottery studio. Upon her return, she studied at Centre de céramique Bonsecours in Montreal. She also taught evening throwing classes at the Center.  Since joining Tour Potier Studio Céramique, she teaches throwing, hand building and holds  special day workshops, such as 'Coasters', 'Christmas Decorations' and 'A Mug for Dad'.


She creates and sells unique pieces and diningware. Just like the scent of a great perfume, she hopes that her pieces are found and cherished, that object and person are a perfect match.

Julie Turpide's Web Page

-- Kita Céramique --

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Marie-Eve Tremblay

It was in 2014 when Marie-Eve was attracted to ceramics. She has always loved creating (photography, stained glass, crochet, cakes)...
She appreciates all that but she was missing something ... the challenge!

Seeing the beautiful works that her sister had done in ceramics, she decides to try it, so after taking a few lessons, she knew that she had found what she was looking for: a world where she is constantly evolving. She built her own workshop, and thanks to that she made several beautiful discoveries including Luisa aka Luilavie Ceramics.
Today, she wants to share her love for this art by allowing others to discover the beauty in it as well!

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Christine Walsh

The instant Christine re-discovered ceramics in 2011, she was hooked. Her ceramics obsession prompted her to study the ceramics programme at Concordia University, Montreal, where she graduated in 2015.

Christine loves the fact that with ceramics you never stop learning. Every day brings new discoveries and offers exciting new creative challenges. She especially loves to throw on the wheel, always in search of the perfect form and working to perfect her skills.


As a teacher at Tour Potier Ceramics Studio, she is thrilled to be able to introduce others to her passion. Discovering Tour Potier Ceramics Studio has answered her desire to find a creative ceramics community. "Everyone is so warm and welcoming. The positive energy is really inspiring".


Daniel Adano

Daniel is a chemical technician, professional in ceramics, who has worked at Ferro Enamel in the development of frits, pigments and ceramic enamels (industrial and artisanal for more than 20 years), as well as serigraphy and pad printing. At the same time, he studied at the Municipal Ceramics School of Avellaneda (Argentina) where he collaborated in Ceramic Technology.

As an amateur potter, he is dedicated to the development of pastes, enamels and special effects. 

Daniel has also participated in Tour Potier Studio Céramique since its creation, always willing to share his knowledge with those who want to know in depth the secrets of this ancient art.

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