You already know the basics of wheel throwing, and you want to strengthen your skills in bringing up different forms and trimming. Go from a cylinder to a bowl and learn how to perfect the foot of your piece. Explore some practical glazing; decorating, and mixing engobes and glazes. 



  • You are able to make a centered puck shape before opening and start forming the piece. 
  • You are able to throw an almost cylindrical form of at least 6 cms high (2.5 inches).


Duration: 2 hours once a week, during 6 weeks.


Dates and time:

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Courses will open with minimum 3 people.


++ You will also have 1 free "Course Membership" for Open Studio time (8 hours) during the duration of the course to practice what you have been learning. 

* We will start cleaning 20 minutes before the class ends.


Wheel-throwing - Beginners 2 (6 weeks)