This option has been specially created for:


* Former members at Tour Potier Studio Céramique,

* Former students at Tour Potier Studio Céramique,

* Active Members at Tour Potier Studio Céramique.


Studio time to create new pieces or finish any work remaining on them. You can also invite a friend under your supervision and responsabilitiy to share this great place and experience. 


Remember this is not a class so no teacher is provided. 


Duration: 2.5 hours


  • 1 person = $20 + taxes (2 pieces allowed in this price)
    - Clay must be bought at the studio. (Includes 2 firings per piece, studio engobes and studio glazes).
    - Clay storage for 45 days is included in the price. Please make sure to mark the purchase date on the bag with your name on it.


     Clay price:

  • (Half a bag) around 4.5 kilos = $22 + Taxes


Guest:  $20 + taxes / Maximum 1 guest. (2 pieces allowed)

If more guests want this experience, we advise to regsiter for a workshop or private atelier.



How many pieces can be produced 2.5 hours?

  • You can produce as many as you can but the price only covers 2 pieces for 2 weeks of shared shelf space as storage.


How much will it cost to store an additional piece? 

  • $ 5 per piece per 2 weeks of storage or a fraction of this time.

     If more than 2 pieces are left at the studio, each additional piece will be charged $ 5 per piece, per 2 weeks of storage (plus the time it is waiting for us on our shelves to be fired when this applies).


How much would it cost me to stay 30 more minutes?

  • Additional 30 min or fraction of studio time: $16  per person or group. If you are a member, your guest still has to pay for the additional time.



* Available to be used Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. Check with us before to see if we are opened or if we are not hosting a private event.


** Please leave the space clean for the people after your group. Thank you!


*** You are responsible for picking your pieces (or your guest's pieces) after 2 weeks at the studio. Additional charges will apply after this time.


**** Your guests (friends or family) will only be authorized to work on the wheels if a teacher or employee at TOUR POTIER can asure your guests have the minimum experience required on the wheel and understand the risks and safety protocols to use these machines.

Members Invite A Friend - Studio Time (2.5hours)

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    All "Open Studio" services are eligible for a refund and a 20% administration fee will be charged for the refund.



    Toutes les  "Open Studio" services sont admissibles à un remboursement et des frais d'administration de 20% seront facturés pour le remboursement.