Make your own pottery pieces on a pottery wheel from the comfort of your own place. Renting our wheels is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to practice however it is required that you already know how to use a pottery, if not you have the option to take a course with us over video conference or at our studio.


Our studio members have a special price but if you are not a studio member, you can also benefit from great packages.


Pottery Wheel Rental:



* 1 Shimpo Aspire Pottery Wheel

* 3 Wooden pads


It does not include the table. Make sure you have a table that can support the wheel.




Members Price

* Member's price is a special price for members that have a current membership and have had it for at least 2 consecutive months.


1 Week $50 +taxes

2 Weeks $90 +taxes

3 Weeks $125 +taxes


Non Members

1 Week $75 +taxes

2 Weeks $125 +taxes

3 Weeks $175 +taxes






Package 1    $ Total Weeks Rental + $30 + taxes

- 10kg of clay


Package 2    $ Total Weeks Rental + $40 + taxes

- 10kg of clay

- 3 additional wooden  pads (to be returned)

- 2 trimming tools (to be returned)




Optionals To Rent


* (Additional wooden pad: $3 + taxes)

* (Electrical extension: $3 + taxes)

* (Table for pottery wheel $10 + taxes)

* (Set of 2 trimming tools: $3 + taxes)

* (Sponge: $1.50 +taxes)

* (Nilon clay cutter: $3 + taxes)




(Mandatory) If you require delivery, before paying, please call or send us a message to confirm dates and availability. 



- 10km or less from Tour Potier Studio: $30 + taxes

- We will deliver to a maximum of 30km distance from our pottery studio. - If further than 10km, for each km away from our pottery studio, we will charge $3 + taxes. Take into consideration that this cost may be double if we also have to plan for pick up.

- We will plan delivery with 7 days notice from the paid date. 


By placing this order you understand and accept that Tour Potier Studio Céramique is not responsible in any way for injury that may occur while using the pottery wheel, clay or tools. You also understand and accept that anyone using the pottery wheel knows how to use it, how to take care of it, and has the experience to follow the best practices for themselves and anyone around them. You accept that any damages that occur to the machine or the tools provided will be charged.

Pottery Wheel Rental - Pottery At Your Place

Type of Package
  • ** A 20% administration fee will be charged for rescheduling or changing a rental date 1 week prior to the starting date.


    More Wheels or More time?

    Call us:  514 660 6809  - If you would like to rent more than 1 wheel or multiple wheels for longer periods of time, please give us a call and we will talk about your options.

    Send us a message:


    If you are not a Studio Member and you bought a package with the wheel rental, you will get 10% discount on 2 kiln firings. This offer is only valid for 30 days after the last day of your pottery wheel rental.