If you need more time in studio, think about this option!


Join our studio, make it your special place, have fun, and build the things that you love!


  • Hours per month: 8
  • Cost per month: $56 + Taxes
  • Cost for 3 months: $154 + Taxes


** The three months must be consecutive.

*** You can chose automatic membership renovations. These are done on the 1st, 10th or 20th of every month, whichever day is closer to the day you start your membership. Renewals are good as it is convenient to keep your same shelf space.

Membership - Level 1

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  • If you have no experience with clay we recommend that you take at least one beginner class (4 to 6 weeks) before working on your own in the studio.

    All memberships include:

    • Dedicated shelving space. (Space depends on membership type)Access to the studio facilities during Open Studio time. Please note that the wheels may not be available when there is a class going on. Check the studio calendar for class schedules. 


    • Purchase of (studio) clay: 1 bag of 10 kg for $37 + taxes or 1/2 bag of 5 kg for $22 + taxes or Recycled clay. This cost includes the use at the studio of the studio's glazes and engobes, plus 2 firings per piece (bisque and glaze).


    • Additional firings (members): Any third firing for the same piece.


    (9cms x 10cm or less in size) is: $3+ taxes.
    (9.1cms x 10cm or more in size) is: $0.06/cm + taxes.



      Membership fees are not refundable nor transferable.
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    IMPORTANT: If you pay for a course and the course has to be cancelled by Tour Potier Studio Céramique, we will return 100% of your pay. In addition to this, we will offer you a 10% discount over any course available, to be taken in the next two month after the cancellation.


    Memberships: Membership fees are not refundable nor transferable


    IMPORTANT: Si vous payez un cours et qu'il doit être annulé par Tour Potier Studio Céramique, nous vous rembourserons 100% du montant. En plus de cela, nous vous offrirons un rabais de 10% sur un de nos cours disponibles, à prendre dans les deux prochains mois après l'annulation.


    Abonnements: Les frais d'adhésion ne sont ni remboursables ni transférables.