A workshop prepared just for your children or all the family. Check our existing workshops from the below list and select the one you would like us to plan for you.  


  • Handbuilding: Max 5 family members.


Our Existing Workshops are:

- Make a cute monster figure

- Coasters for me!

- Bowls

- Small dessert or ice cream plates.

- Tumblers

- Mugs (this are harder to make)

- Practical Intro to Handbuilding (more technical and focused on testing processes).


Duration: 35min



I need clay and colors:::


These packages are a good option for the family.




Clay At Home Package for 1:  (suggested for 1 family member)

Clay At Home Package for 2:  (suggested for 2 or 3 family members)

Clay At Home Package for 3:  (suggested for 3 or 5 family members)

** The more members, the more clay and colors you need.


For more information on the "Clay at home" kits, check the product details on this link...

English: https://www.tourpotier.com/product-page/stay-at-home-family-clay-package

French: https://fr.tourpotier.com/product-page/stay-at-home-family-clay-package


About the colors:

You should only use the paint sold by Tour Potier Studio Céramique because the high temperatures to which the clay is fired may cause the wrong paint to leak damaging the kilns surface, or some other major damages.


* You can purchase the private atelier without the boxes nor the colors, just check wht you want to add to this private atelier on the dropdown options. We provide 15ml per color and when a kit with colors is bought, each kit will have different amount of colors: 8 colors, 10, and 12 for the biggest box. For most colors, we have the dark and light versions so if you have any special request let us know. Our normal color pallet is complete. If no colors have been applied to your piece, the final color of our clay after it has been fired will be white. We will still glaze it so it looks nice and shiny even with out any colors.



** After we have received your payment, an email will be sent to gather more information if needed. Also, if you decide more colors, or more clay will be needed, please let us know and we can send an additional invoice for additional material.


*** All private classes need to be schedule at least 3 days before the starting date.


*** As it is online, at least one computer with video camera is required. For multiple devices we use Zoom, or Google Meetings. Skype is also an option if only one video camera is available.


**** Please make sure your devices camera and sound are working correctly. If not able to connect because of a technical failure, let us know at least 3 hours before and we will reschedule. 

Online Private Atelier - Kids And Families

Number of people:

    • You need to buy the materials. Make sure to select the best package for your needs.
  • (French Follows)

    IMPORTANT: If you pay for a course and the course has to be cancelled by Tour Potier Studio Céramique, we will return 100% of your pay. In addition to this, we will offer you a 5% discount over any course available, to be taken in the next two month after the cancellation.


    All Classes are eligible for a refund if cancelled 2 weeks prior to the start date. A 20% administration fee will be charged for a refund. No refund will be offered if cancelling within 2 weeks of the class' start date, so please consider transferring your class to a friend (additional fees apply). 

    Missed class: (only for 2+ weeks classes):  missed classes are not refundable. In the event you miss a class you could come for up to 2 hours to the studio for independent practice (studio time), no teaching/feedback will be offered during this time but you can practice on your own.


    IMPORTANT: Si vous payez un cours et qu'il doit être annulé par Tour Potier Studio Céramique, nous vous rembourserons 100% du montant. En plus de cela, nous vous offrirons un rabais de 10% sur un de nos cours disponibles, à prendre dans les deux prochains mois après l'annulation.


    Toutes les classes sont admissibles à un remboursement en cas d'annulation 2 semaines avant la date de début. Des frais d'administration de 20% seront facturés pour un remboursement. Aucun remboursement ne sera offert en cas d'annulation moins de 2 semaines après le début du cours, alors envisagez de transférer votre cours à un ami (des frais supplémentaires s'appliquent).

    Cours manqué: (Uniquement pour les cours de 2 ou plus de 2 semaines): les cours manqués ne sont pas remboursables. Si vous manquez un cours, vous pouvez vous rendre au studio pour une pratique indépendante (temps de studio), aucun enseignement / feedback ne sera offert pendant cette période, mais vous pouvez vous exercer seul.