Let's discover Vintage & Textures glazes together! This atelier will allow you to mix the glazes on either 10 test tiles, or 6 test tiles and a test tumbler, guided by the teacher. Choose from any of our  glazes specially selected for this atelier.


You will have the option of choosing 2 diffrent color clays on the test tiles; a white clay and a colored clay, giving you the chance of seeing how each color changes when applied over different colored clay, maximizing your experience.


The test tiles will already be made, all you need to do is to apply the colors you want to mix and 2 weeks later you should be able to see the amazing results!


Duration: 2 hours


Investment For Studio Members: 1 person $52

Investment for Non Members: 1 person $58

Investment for 2 persons: $110


Additional pieces:

During the event you can decide if you want to paint an addittional small piece with 2 or more glazes. Price for 1 small piece (maximum size 9cms x 9cms) + 2 glazes: $16


Dates and time: Select one of the classes from the dropdown menu:


*** Courses will open with minimum 3 people.

Discovering Glazes - Vintage & Textures Test Tiles