We are a great option in Montreal's South Shore to get started on your pottery! 


This clay is good for both, wheel throwing or handbuilding.


  • 10 Kilos: $37 + taxes
  • 20 Kilos: $72 + taxes
  • Below you can read the different benefits that  apply for member or non members. 




* The price includes the use of the studio's engobes, glazes and 2 firings per piece.

* Firings are shared with other people pieces to allow everyone to get some of their pieces done. For partial kiln rentals or full kiln rentals click here: https://www.tourpotier.com/product-page/kiln-rental

* Glazing process not included. 



Non Members: 

  • (10% discount on kiln firings for 1 month after the date you purchased the clay. For partial kiln rentals or full kiln rental click here: https://www.tourpotier.com/product-page/kiln-rental
  • You are allowed 1 free hour of studio time for glazing during 1 month after the date the clay was purchased ).  You can bring your own glazes or buy them from us.
  • Additional 30 minutes of studio time to paint your pieces: $16
  • We can glaze your piece(s) using transparent glaze. *We will store your pieces with no additional cost for 15 days after pickup notification has been sent.


Other optional services


  • Glazing process done by the studio (using transparent glaze): Base of $8 + $2 per piece.


Example: you bring 3 pieces to glaze, it would $14  =  $8 (base)  + $6 ($2 x 3 pieces). 




Other important information



(English follows)

Toutes les boîtes et sacs d'argile peuvent varier en poids autour de 500 g. Cela est dû à l'humidité de l'argile et à d'autres variables que nous ne pouvons pas contrôler. Tour Potier livre les boîtes et sacs d'argile tels qu'ils sont à l'origine, à l'exception des sacs de 5kl qui nous obligent à couper les sacs de 10kl en deux.

Pour plus d'informations, veuillez lire notre politique:


-- English --

All clay boxes and bags may vary in weight around 500 gms. This is due to the clay's humidity and other variables we cannot control. Tour Potier delivers the clay boxes and bags as they originally are, except for the 5kl bags which require us to cut the 10kl bags in half.

For additional information please read our politics:


  • Maximum cone: Cone 6
  • Any questions? You can call us at: Phone +1 (514) 660 6809



Let us know when you want to pick up you clay. 

    Clay - 519 - White Stoneware (Cone 6)

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